Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My first overseas flight!

Hi everyone

How exciting is this?  My very first international flight!  I just had to set a goal and here I am.

Look at me!  I am about to put my seat belt on for take off

When you travel to America, you have to watch a video on their immigration policy.  Its quite interesting.  Have you been to America?  Where have you been?

Stay tuned, more soon!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Heading overseas.. the journey begins

Hi everyone!

I am heading away on another overseas holiday!  5 weeks away this time, and you'll be amazed at our itinerary! (who knows what itinerary means?).

But let's start at the beginning..  I hope you follow my journey and have fun with me along the way.

Checking in at the airport 

Stay tuned!  More tomorrow

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Can Do Kid goes to Game Day

Hi everyone

I had a great day today - I went to a taping of Game Day, a football show on Channel 7.  I got to meet the host, Hamish McLachlan, and visit the set.  It was so much fun.  I also got to meet all the guests.  I am a big AFL fan. Are you?  Have you been to a footy game this year?

Me and my new friend Hamish!

It is a live show that runs from 10am to 11.30am every Sunday morning during the AFL footy season. 

Me with some of the legends of footy

Me on the set

I even got on the Champions Board!
Me playing fussball

And you can go too!  Click the button below to sign up for free tickets.  It's so easy and so much fun.


Game Day on Channel 7

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Is anyone home?

So on a beautiful crisp April morning last week, we quietly sailed into Sydney Harbour, past many beautiful homes — including this one. Our final cruise quiz questions are...

1. What is the name of this famous house pictured below?,
2. Tell us who currently lives here, and
3. How do you know if he is home or not?

Ship ahoy!

Final quiz for the island hopping tour before we head back to Aus...
1. Can You spot Can Do in this picture?

Tell us where he is to go into the weekly draw to win a prize!

Can YOU spot Can Do?

Aha! You'll need to be a very clever detective to find Can Do in these photos! He has done an excellent job of hiding out here in this Fijian resort.

The first 3 people to comment with the correct answer to both locations will win a copy of A for Attitude for their school library! Be quick, and be a hero for your school next term.

Good luck detectives!

– Julie

Palms with legs?

Our favourite island was Mystery Island in Vanuatu. We had to get on the little yellow boats to reach the island as it doesn't have a big pier to pull up to.

1. Can you tell us how many people live
here on Mystery Island? It's not really a mystery if you are a good detective!

Can Do went for a dip and saw some beautiful fish and live coral in the clear blue water surrounding the island but the strangest thing he saw were these palms that looked like they could run away!

2. What sort of palms are these?

Remember to add your answers in the comments section to go into the draw for a weekly prize.

See you next time!

– Julie